Chef Jon Giraldo & Jaime Lieberman

Spoonik takes the gastronomic experience to an artistic level. The restaurant goes beyond avant-garde cuisine and new flavour discoveries, inviting guests to delve into a creatively driven world that speaks to all five senses.

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Chefs Jon Giraldo and Jaime Lieberman have set a magical stage where visual art and music find their perfect match in exclusive avant-garde cuisine with a creative signature.

The fusion of Mexican and Colombian cuisine gives rise to top-notch recipes full of surprises. Close attention has been paid to every detail, down to the tables with video mapping technology, which complements the food in a highly evocative encounter of emotions.

The kitchen serves delectable dishes like panucho de pato pibil (refried tortillas topped with slow-roasted duck) or corn arepas with Stilton cheese and honey. And don’t forget their select wine list—well worth a good look.

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Bertran, 28
08023 Barcelona

Contact us

648 085 209

Opening hours

1:30 pm to 4:30 pm and 6:30 pm to midnight

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